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Third Sunday. Nov 20th @ 4 pm. We’re Gathering @ the Kamloops Free Methodist Church.

November 20, 2022

Together with the Elders and Directors, Debbie and I invite you to join us.

Sunday Nov 24th @ 4 pm. Discerning Our Way Forward.
Corporate worship, prayer and shared food.

We’re gathering @ the Kamloops Free Methodist Church on the Northshore.

The Kamloops Vineyard is on a journey of space exploration with the Kamloops Free Methodist Church in Brocklehurst. You are invited to join us in an unhurried discernment process to determine the Father’s will. It’s a potential transition that could see us stepping away from our corporate gatherings at Gateway City Church in Valleyview, to settle into new rhythms and routines on the Northshore.

We want to move beyond first glances to embrace a deeper witness of the Spirit among us as leaders and as a church family. A time of corporate worship, prayer and a shared meal in the Free Methodist Church is exactly what’s needed to warm our hearts and consider the opportunities that present to us.

Should it seem good to us and to the Holy Spirit we will continue our engagement with the boards and leaders of the Kamloops Free Methodist Church to affirm our way forward. In the meantime can we prevail upon you to cover both fellowships in your love and prayers.

David and Debbie
Lead Pastors, Elders and Directors

Bonnie Bylsma, Assoc. Pastor, Elder
Brent Bylsma, Elder
Monte Campbell, Director
Allan Clarkson, Elder and Director
Karen Enns, Children and Family Worker, Elder
Daryl Enns, Elder
Connie Smith, Elder and Director

The Meal

Chicken Vegetable Soup. Sandwiches. Wraps. Deserts. and more?
Debbie will be forthcoming with more details, suffice it to say, she’s making a large pot of Chicken Soup and inviting anyone to personally contact her who may be considering an optional soup to offer others. Can you consider preparing sandwiches, wraps, buns, salads, deserts or what-have-you? Something that would complement the main soup(s) being prepared?

Debbie Tombe or Connie Smith
info@kamloopsvineyard.com, or call (250) 828-1690.


Where is the Kamloops Free Methodist Church located?

Googlemap link

Kamloops Free Methodist Church
975 Windbreak St
Kamloops, BC V2B 5P5


Kamloops Free Methodist Church
975 Windbreak St
Kamloops, BC V2B 5P5 Canada
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